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What We Do

Consulting Services

At Nova, we help clients understand complex subsurface geology with a focus on complex problem solving using geologic and hydrogeologic investigation techniques. 

Nova Geotechnologies is a consulting firm that specializes in geologic and hydrogeologic investigations. Our approach to investigation is measured, and based upon factors including: client needs, technical complexity, and regulatory framework. All investigations are conducted by experienced geologists and hydrogeologists that understand the importance of hands-on field work to establish a proper understanding of sites and to build relationships with our clients. When necessary, our expertise lends itself to a multi-faceted approach which may include elements of traditional geologic field work, applied geophysics, specialized geochemistry, continous monitoring instrumentation programs, and complex analyses data analyses and visuzalization.

Our technical footprint focuses on geologic and subsurface investigations:

  • Karst and sinkhole studies

  • Rock stability and erodibility

  • Subsurface characterization for land development and planning

  • Groundwater assessment, resource development, and monitoring/remediation

  • The areas of expertise we offer to investigations include:

  • Design and implementation of borehole exploration programs

  • Aquifer testing programs

  • Surface and borehole geophysical investigation programs

  • Rock outcrop mapping and structural analyses

  • Design and implementation of geochemical evaluation programs in soil, rock, groundwater, and surface water. Inorganic geochemistry studies to support source or alternate source demonstrations.

  • Robust data analyses programs including groundwater statistics, subsurface modeling, and application of machine learning algorithms to environmental data. 


The list below is not a comprehensive list of services, but rather a list of professional services expected to form the core of our business. These services can be generalized as geologic, hydrogeologic, and geotechnical consulting. Depending upon specific project requirements, work may be conducted on-site, remotely, or most commonly, hybrid on-site and remote work.


Primary Business Market Industries include:

  • Mining/aggregate

  • Public water supply and energy utilities

  • Residential and commercial construction

  • Municipalities, and

  • State/federally regulated environmental industry.


Geologic Consulting - Core Services:

  • Borehole Logging

  • Geologic Mapping

  • Karst Evaluations

  • Surface and Borehole Geophysics

  • Mineral Resource Evaluations

  • Remote Lineament Mapping

  • Instrumentation Monitoring

  • Data Evaluation(s) and Reporting


Hydrogeologic Consulting - Core Services:

  • Well Installation and Logging

  • Instrumentation Monitoring

  • Surface and Borehole Geophysics

  • Aquifer Performance Testing

  • Conceptual Site Hydrogeological Models

  • Source Water Assessments

  • Geochemical Evaluations

  • Groundwater Remediation Support Activities

  • Monitoring Program Design

  • Corrective Action Program Design/Support

  • Regulatory Compliance and Reporting


Geotechnical Consulting – Core Services:

  • Geologic Mapping

  • Soil Studies

  • Fractured Rock Characterization

  • Rippability Analyses

  • Erodibility Analyses

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