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Traditional Geologic Investigations

Nova Geotechnologies has significant experience in traditional geologic field investigations as well as supplemental remote analyses. Whether based in feasibility or design phases of construction, geologic hazards, or environmental, understanding site geology is critical. We can help.

Geologic Support

No matter the industry or the project, a thorough understanding of subsurface geology is vital to site characterization. Variations in subsurface geology, and the properties of these materials, are universally important as a foundation for mining/aggregate, groundwater resource, engineering/design, and environmentally oriented projects. Nova has the technical skill and resource awareness to thoroughly evaluate geologic conditions and controls at your site. Staff at Nova have led and participated in numerous geologic evaluations, including:

  • Geologic Suitability for Underground Injection and Carbon Sequestration

  • Traditional Geologic Mapping and Rock Fabric Analyses

  • Rock Slide/Fall Hazard Evaluation

  • Annadale Erodibility Indices for Spillways

  • Karst Mapping and Evaluation

  • Mineral Resource Evaluation.


For a more complete list of services, click the link below.

Geologic Methods

  • Stratigraphic Analyses

  • Strike and Dip Measurements

  • Structural and Rock Fabric Analyses

  • Geologic Maps and Cross-Sections

  • Volume Analyses (Mineral Resources)

  • Borehole Logging

  • Remote Lineament Surveys

  • Karst Surveys.

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