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Groundwater resources are some of the most vital and important resources on Earth. The protection, remediation, and properly planned development of these resources involves significant hydrogeologic characterization. Nova has significant experience conducting hydrogeologic evaluations for water supply, monitoring/remediation, and dewatering support projects. Our skills in geophysics and traditional geologic methods are often valuable to these types of projects. 


Hydrogeological evaluations and investigations are central to many projects. Hydrogeological evaluations can generally be broken down into 3 primary groups: (1) groundwater resource evaluation/protection, (2) dewatering/water management, and (3) groundwater quality monitoring/remediation. Nova has significant experience performing hydrogeological characterizations and conceptual site models using a combination geologic, geophysical, and hydrogeological investigation techniques. Investigations have encompassed a wide variety of hydrogeological environments ranging from karst to fractured rock to alluvial/fluvial lithologies.


Staff at Nova have experience performing:

  • Boring/Well Installations

  • Aquifer Testing

  • Hydrophysics Logging Suite: Gamma, Caliper, Fluid Resistivity, Fluid Conductivity, Optical and Acoustic Televiewer, Heat-Pulse Flowmeter

  • Hydrogeological Conceptual Site Models

  • Point Source Evaluation and Plume Delineation

  • Siting of Monitoring Well Networks and Injection/Extraction Wells

  • Alternate Source Demonstrations and Geogenic Studies

  • Compliance Reporting and Groundwater Statistics.

For a more complete list of services, click the link below.

Hydrogeologic Factors

  • Hydrostratigraphy

  • Anisotropy of Layers

  • Presence of Confining Layers

  • GW Flow Properties through Layers

  • Connections amongst Flow Systems

  • Hydraulic Gradient and Flow Directions

  • Groundwater Seasonality and Changes

  • Recharge and Discharge Zones

  • Natural Geologic Sources of "Contaminants"

  • Influence of Geologic Media on Contaminant Behavior

  • Isotopic tracers and Geochemical Fingerprinting.

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