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Our Identity

Founded in Birmingham, Alabama, Nova Geotechnologies (Nova) is a woman-owned geologic and geophysical consulting firm that specializes in complex site and subsurface characterization. Our Strength is technical depth and versatility. Our Technical Footprint is multi-faceted investigation - where traditional geologic and hydrogeologic methods are paired with geophysics, continuous monitoring instrumentation, and advanced data analyses programs to provide foundational knowledge of sites and solutions to project challenges. Our Value is the ability to breakdown complex data with the context needed to educate and provide clients/regulators with a clear path forward. When partnering with Nova Geotechnologies, the foundation for each project will be rooted in diligent planning and proactively implemented to ensure progress towards goals and objectives.


What differentiates Nova Geotechnologies? We are a “Big Picture” consulting service that harmonizes technical knowledge and innovative concepts to find solutions to new or complex challenges. This “Big Picture” approach is produced from a mindset of continual learning and an understanding that modern or tough challenges require new ideas and intentional/focused thinking to navigate. This approach provides the framework for understanding complex sites, finding patterns across data sets, and the ideation of solutions and work plans. We believe our mindset is a differentiator. When you choose Nova as a partner – we will think through technical challenges, actively listen to clients, deliver ideas, and find ways to create value.


Examples of this approach range from our experiences implementing geophysical methods to locate “tough to find” groundwater in fractured rock environments to the piloting of machine learning/artificial intelligence to explore trends and relationships observed in groundwater quality data. We strive to produce better results and products.

Our Process

Our process starts with relationships. We strive to develop meaningful relationships with clients and regulators. These promote communication and better understanding of project challenges, objectives, and roadmaps for successfully achieving goals.


Nova values properly understanding the regulatory framework for which clients operate. It is a core part of our job to understand, communicate, and educate clients on regulations and best practices. We excel at applying our technical skill and innovative mindset to develop work plans that are efficient, technically robust, and satisfactory to applicable regulations. Nova also believes in a proactive approach to project management – communicating often with stakeholders on progress, challenges, and results. This strategy provides better adaptability and overall work product.

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